Online Degrees at Sam Houston State University

You’re thinking about getting a degree online but wondering if it’s the same as a degree from our campus – it is. For more than 130 years, students have been coming to Sam Houston State University to pursue their education, and now we’re bringing many of our highly regarded degree programs to you. Our online programs are ranked among the best in the nation. When you choose to earn an online degree from SHSU, you’ll receive the same great benefits we have to offer with the added convenience of being able to complete the coursework around your schedule. If you’re ready to get started on your future, then you came to the right place.

Ready for your principal or superintendent certification? We’re ready to help you get there as quickly as possible with a M.Ed. in Administration. You can now complete this program fully online, giving you the flexibility to do your work whenever and wherever you like. It doesn’t get much more flexible than that!

Why choose the SHSU Administration M.Ed. Program?

  • Career Readiness: The program complies with existing standards for professional certification to produce proficient school administrators who are well educated in school administration and organization; effective leadership strategies; campus business management; and federal, state, and local school regulations.
  • Flexibility: You can choose to earn this M.Ed. online, on-campus, or through a combination of the two. We’ve designed it to work around your schedule!

Communication Studies offers a focus on interpersonal communication in a variety of significant areas, such as organizational communication, family communication, conflict resolution, and sex and gender in communication. Through this focus, students gain a unique understanding of the dynamics of Interpersonal Communication, enabling them to advance their careers by being more effective in their interactions with others. After completion of the program, you may continue your academic career through doctoral study, or advance professionally in the fields of elementary and secondary school teaching, Human Resource Management, or community and junior college instruction.

Why choose the SHSU Communication Studies M.A. Program?

  • Flexibility: SHSU offers the Master of Arts in Communication Studies program online.
  • Award-winning Faculty: You will be learning from our award-winning faculty who conduct active research programs and are involved in professional organizations.

You’ve decided to pursue a future in criminal justice? This is the degree that has launched countless careers in the field. Now you can earn both undergraduate degrees online or in a classroom setting; either way you’ll get the same great benefits. Our faculty are experts in their respective fields and are committed to relaying course material that is practical, relatable, and immediately applicable to your chosen field.

Why choose the SHSU Criminal Justice B.A./B.S. Program?

  • Esteemed faculty: SHSU’s criminal justice courses are led by world-renowned instructors who prioritize excellence and scholarly research.
  • Career Readiness: Outstanding student internships and a dedicated advising center give CJ majors an advantage in job placement.
  • Flexibility: You can earn your degree online, on-campus, or through a combination of the two. This program works around your schedule!

You already work in criminal justice, now you’re looking to move up to a management-level position. This is the program that can get you there. Best of all, you can complete it online, which means you won’t have to sacrifice the real world professional experience you’re currently adding to your resume.

Why choose the SHSU Criminal Justice M.S. Program?

  • Name recognition: Prepare to join one of the largest and highest ranked criminal justice programs in the nation!
  • Continuing education: Students can take their education even further with SHSU’s doctoral program in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

If you’ve already worked in the field for at least three years and you’re ready to take your career to the next level, this is the degree for you. Your online peers will have the same amount of experience in criminal justice that you do, allowing for maximum interaction. We know you’ve still got a job to do, so this program lets you focus on a single course at a time, giving you the flexibility you need to be successful at work and in your studies.

Why choose the SHSU Criminal Justice Leadership & Management M.S. Program?

  • Accessibility: With six start dates throughout the year, you can start mid-semester in August, October, January, March, May, or July.
  • Name recognition: Prepare to join one of the largest and highest ranked criminal justice programs in the nation!
  • Flexibility: Earn your Master's in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management online, on-campus, or through a combination of the two!

You’re looking to advance your professional development in curriculum and instruction; we’ve got two great options. If you already have your Teacher Certification, you’ll want to earn the M.Ed. by itself. If you are seeking your initial Teacher Certification, now you can bundle it together with your master’s program. Decide which option is the right fit for you, and consider the following reasons to get started today:

  • Flexibility: These programs are offered in fall, spring, and summer, with both evening and online course options. Earn your degree at home, on-campus, or through a combination of both!
  • Tradition of Excellence: SHSU has been training outstanding teachers since 1879, and has earned a reputation as one of the best programs in the nation.
  • Supportive Environment: SHSU’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction values and supports teacher-candidates in their pursuit of lifelong learning and passionate, high-energy teaching.

You’ve dedicated yourself to helping community college and university students get on the path to educational success. The Doctor of Education in Developmental Education Administration is a fully online, interdisciplinary doctoral program that will prepare you to develop and administer programs for underprepared students in math, reading, and/or writing.

Why choose the SHSU Developmental Education Administration Ed.D. Program?

  • Esteemed Faculty: SHSU’s doctoral education courses are led by world-renowned experts in their field, who prioritize excellence and scholarly research.
  • Accreditation: This program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation in Education (NCATE) and the Texas State Board for Educator Certification.

* Some face-to-face courses required.

Prepare yourself for service in a variety of public and commercial arenas as a digital forensics or network security professional. This program is designed to provide professional expertise and understanding in the identification, preservation, examination, and analysis of digital evidence for law enforcement or legal purposes. This program utilizes state-of-the art facilities, Sam Houston State University's Center of Excellence in Digital Forensics. The specialized laboratories allow students hands-on experiences with networking, robotics, data recovery, malware analysis and mobile device forensics.

Why choose the SHSU Digital Forensics M.S. Program?

  • Career Networking. Learn alongside students who typically hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Criminal Justice, or another technical area.
  • World-Class Facilities. Our facilities include a Network Security Lab, accommodating training in data, network, and cyber security intrusion detection, prevention, and tracing, and a Data Recovery Lab that will provide training in the identification, recovery, and presentation of data for legal purposes.

Looking to further professional competencies and leadership skills within your profession? SHSU offers two plans to complete your Master’s, one with a thesis and one without. After you choose a plan, it’s time to choose a focus within Family and Consumer Science by selecting a majority of credit hours in one of the following areas: Clothing, Textiles and Merchandising; Family Economics and Resource Management; Family and Consumer Science Education; Interior Design; or Nutrition and Dietetics. This program is now offered 100% online.

Why choose the SHSU Family and Consumer Science M.S. Program?

  • Flexibility: Due to the extremely flexible nature of the program, students are able to select upper-level electives in keeping with their career goals while also being able to pursue a minor to further complement those goals.
  • Real-world Experience: During the program students must complete a 300-hour internship that will expose them to real-world situations within their chosen field.

Our BBA doesn’t just provide you with a solid foundation to build upon; it will give you sufficient electives to customize your individual degree plan for a directed career path. Put our BBA to work for you!

Why choose the SHSU Online BBA Program?

  • Career Options: This degree program is designed to get you ready for a variety of different careers in business, government, or not-for profit entities.
  • Personalization: Our BBA in General Business Administration gives you the power to choose electives designed for your individual career path.
  • Flexibility: Now you can earn your BBA online, on-campus, or through a combination of the two. We’ve designed it to work around your schedule!

The Bachelor of General Studies program puts you in charge of your future by allowing you to custom design your own curriculum. You get to connect three Sam Houston State University minors, a capstone General Studies course, the Texas core curriculum and appropriate supporting elective courses. A project in your senior year will require the integration of knowledge and ideas from your three areas of study. If you’re looking for even more flexibility, you can now choose to earn this degree in the classroom or fully online!

Why choose the SHSU General Studies Program?

  • Career Options: The diverse experience you will gain from a General Studies degree can help prepare you for a wide variety of careers.
  • Convenience: Our fully online format allows you to complete your assignments around your schedule.
  • Flexibility: You can earn your General Studies degree online, on-campus, or through a combination of the two. We've designed it to work around your schedule!

It’s time to hone your leadership skills so you can advance your career in higher education, or maybe you’re taking another big step on the road toward doctoral studies. Either way, our M.A. in Higher Education Administration can get you there. This is a program with a focus on student services, academic affairs and student success, enrollment management, governance and organization of higher education, contemporary issues such as information technology, resource allocation, and other administrative functions. It is as comprehensive as it sounds, and will serve as a powerful tool to help you carve out your future in higher education.

Why choose the SHSU Higher Education Administration M.A. Program?

  • Flexibility: This degree may be completed with or without a thesis. Students seeking the MA in Higher Education Administration may also opt to pursue the Academic Advising Certificate.
  • Leadership Focus: The Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling prepares culturally responsive educational leaders who promote meaningful societal change.

You’ve just discovered one of only a few fully online programs in the nation that is designed to prepare public school and junior college teachers; to train individuals for careers as academic librarians; to upgrade the research and writing skills of such practicing professionals as librarians, clergymen, teachers, and military officers; to provide a background for careers in law, journalism, and strategic intelligence; to prepare students for future graduate study; and to train individuals for careers in civil service and public history (museum and historical society administration, archival and records management, and historical research and writing for private corporations and government agencies).

Why choose the SHSU History M.A. Program?

  • Flexibility: The program offers three flexible degree plans for students to choose from including a thesis option, non-thesis, and a major and minor.
  • Recognition: The Master of Arts in History program at SHSU is one of the oldest online, graduate-level history programs in the United States.

You know that information is a valuable commodity, and that the protection of information is a rapidly expanding field. The Master of Science in Information Assurance and Security degree prepares you for a professional career in commercial, industrial and governmental information assurance. After graduating, you will utilize knowledge and methods to insure the protection of corporate information resources, be able to effectively harden and secure network systems, prevent network damage, perform risk assessment and plan for disaster recovery. This degree is open to you if you have completed an undergraduate Computer Science or Management Information Systems major or minor, or if you have a baccalaureate degree in a related technical field and appropriate professional experience.

Why choose the SHSU Information Assurance and Security M.S. Program?

  • Career Networking. Learn alongside students who typically hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences, Management Information Systems, or another quantitative area.
  • Earning Potential: Qualify for a pay increase for earning this advanced degree.

A leadership position is in your future, but you’re not interested in pursuing principal certification. If you are considering a leadership position at a school, agency, business, or organization, the M.A. or M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership is your best bet. The M.A. will give you the opportunity to complete a thesis, while the M.Ed. is a non-thesis degree program.

Why choose the SHSU Instructional Leadership Program?

  • Commitment to Excellence: The Educational Leadership and Counseling Department at SHSU takes pride in setting the standard for a comprehensive educational program that helps students achieve their goals.
  • Leadership Focus: This program prepares culturally responsive educational leaders who promote meaningful societal change.
  • Flexibility: You can earn your degree in Instructional Leadership online, on campus, or through a combination of the two. We’ve designed it to work around your schedule!

You know that technology will continue to play a big part in the future of education, that’s why you’re here. Three different departments have come together to offer this innovative new program designed to teach you the most advanced techniques in the field, while backing it up with an emphasis on leadership and curriculum integration.

Why choose the SHSU Instructional Technology M.Ed. Program?

  • Networking Opportunities: The Master of Education in Instructional Technology program utilizes a project-based learning approach to teaching and learning, which promotes academic community engagement.
  • Flexibility: This program is offered 100 percent online, with fall and spring semester starts. Most students complete the 36-credit-hour program in two years.

If you are interested in an online program that addresses the theories of language instruction and incorporates research-based best practices for teaching English language learners, then look no further. When you earn this M.Ed., you also receive a certificate in second-language instruction and an International Literacy Certificate from Sam Houston State University. You’ll develop skills as a teacher of English as a Second Language and earn all the credentials to back them up.

Why choose the SHSU International Literacy M.Ed. Program?

  • Skills Advancement: Graduates of this program will be able to articulate theories and principles of language, prepare research proposals, engage with and demonstrate sensitivity toward members of diverse cultures, and integrate technology to enhance the curriculum.
  • Career Readiness: The course requirements for the Master of Education in International Literacy are specially designed for graduate students seeking to expand their certification areas to advance learning opportunities of the English language.

If you plan to pursue a movement-related career, then this is the degree that will set your future in motion. Whether you want to specialize in Personal Training, Performance Training, College Coaching, Corporate Wellness, or Commercial Fitness, the program will advance your understanding of the relationships between movement, exercise, and skills that occur in the contexts of human performance training.

Why choose the SHSU Kinesiology - Sport and Human Performance M.A. Program?

  • Practicality: Students study movement and exercise processes in a framework that emphasizes the clinical and practical implications of theory and research.
  • Career Readiness: The M.A. in Kinesiology prepares students for a wide variety of movement-related careers from coaching to corporate wellness.

You know that you want to be a school librarian, and PK-12 is where you want to do it. This popular program will help get you there. It is designed to encourage and support scholarly research and publications. Students will learn to promote and participate in faculty growth and development; offer educational services to schools, libraries, and the community; and plan, implement, and evaluate the academic curriculum, teaching effectiveness, physical resources, program policies, and the learning environment. You must have a valid teaching certificate to apply.

Why choose the SHSU Library Science M.L.S. Program?

  • Recognition: The Master of Library Science degree program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and recognized by the American Association for School Librarians.
  • Career Advancement: We are a sole-purpose program for PK-12 librarians.

Are you seeking a career in public service, or looking to enhance your current career? This program prepares professionals for work in the public sector, nonprofit organizations, and many areas of business. The department offers concentrations in disaster and emergency management (online), state and local government (traditional classroom setting), and comparative and international politics (traditional classroom setting).

Why choose the SHSU Public Administration M.P.A. Program?

  • Career Networking: Most students are full-time professionals, so you will not only learn from experienced professors, but you will interact and network with your peers.

If you have a passion for working with victims, this new online program is one of only a few offered in the entire country! Our renowned faculty members have diverse and far-reaching experience that allows us to offer cutting edge programming, designed to prepare you for work in many different areas of victim services. This program is offered in a fifteen week or seven and a half week format, allowing you to focus on a single course at a time.

Why choose the SHSU Victim Services Management M.S. Program?

  • Flexibility: Take courses in seven and half or 15-week sessions, and take advantage of six start dates per year in August, October, January, March, May, or July.
  • Career Networking: Work alongside field experts who place a high level of emphasis on excellent scholarly research.

This online Master of Public Health degree program provides you with the knowledge, skills, and practices to manage the health and safety concerns of incarcerated populations. In addition, the degree prepares you to work with sensitive populations through appropriate intervention strategies and to enhance the delivery of health services to meet the needs of these populations.

*Pending Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approval.

The Sustainable Agriculture And Food Environment, MAg prepares graduate level students for advanced studies in agriculture while integrating the framework of sustainable practices. The program curriculum is composed of the applied knowledge of plants, animals, and soils, with a blend of eco-friendly practices, and problem-solving skills to advocate for the role of agriculture in building healthy communities.

*Pending Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approval.

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